Welcome to Genuine Mustelids

Here you will discover an array of content regarding one of the oldest, species-rich families on the planet – the family Mustelidae. This is a website for people who love seeing mustelids in visual media, but still value an adequate degree of attention to detail when it comes to their anatomy; as well as some education about the family. We do not claim to be zoologists, but we do have a passion for depicting genuine mustelids! We provide brief information about each species, a large list of games and literature containing mustelids, drawing tutorials for artists; as well as links to honorable mustelid rescue and conservation organizations. In essence, we are a miniature online encyclopedia helping to encourage a more positive image of mustelids.

Helping Set the Record Straight

Due to outdated myths surrounding their elusive nature, false etymologies and caricatured features in classic media, mustelids tend to be both inaccurately depicted and generally misunderstood across the board. To add to this confusion, they are often arbitrarily compared to cats and other unrelated animals for simplified identification, rather than being viewed as their own complex, yet long-established family. On this site we believe it is possible to help lessen these misunderstandings by providing facts about their true nature, appearance; and awareness of their overlooked merits. Focusing on these essentials, we hope all our viewers leave having learned something new about mustelids. [Read more about us…]

This site is a large work in progress. You may find many images that have brief descriptions copied from Wikipedia. This is only temporary so the content is at least there, while we work to provide information of our own; as we realize Wikipedia is not always accurate. All team members are volunteers and work to provide content for this website when able.

News & Updates

Each Day a Small Victory by Chips Hardy has been added to Young Adult Literature under Stoats & Weasels.

Fuffles the Ferret by Ronald Schneider has been added to Children’s Literature under Ferrets & Polecats.

Send Me a Box of Wolverines by Suzanne Stutzman has been added to Children’s Literature under Wolverines.

• Northern Mink by Keenan Poloncsa has been added to Children’s Literature under Minks.

Most Obscure Mustelids in Media

For creators interested in unique species, these mustelids rarely appear in art, literature, games or animation.

Minks | Fishers | Grisons | Martens | Polecats | Tayras | Wolverines