Here you will discover a variety of content regarding one of the most diverse mammalian families on the planet—the family Mustelidae. Genuine Mustelids is a website for people who see more than “cute” or “vicious” in these animals—specifically, those who love mustelids and seeing them in media, but still value an adequate degree of anatomical detail, as well as factual and constructive information about the family that is neither sensational nor romanticised. We provide less mainstream facts about numerous species, links to a large list of media, as well as honourable rescue and conservation organisations. In essence, we are a miniature online encyclopædia combining both science and popular culture to help promote a more insightful image of mustelids.

Promoting uncharismatic minifauna

When it comes to various types of media, many mustelid species are often demonised or overlooked in favour of more appealing mammals. Mustelids are feisty, resourceful, and extraordinarily complex creatures, and it is a shame we often fixate on their predation habits, odour, or fur value, instead of taking notice of their other traits or even vulnerabilities. Popularity does not necessarily mean better, and one of our many goals is to help bring attention to these underrated animals, and show they can be just as capable and captivating as the more familiar mammals in the order Carnivora.

Debunking myths while encouraging critical thinking

Misconceptions about mustelids are often much greater than most people realise. Due to their caricatured features and typecast roles in classic media, and the public’s general lack of interest in learning about what real mustelids are like beyond all the sensational myths and overgeneralising of their diet, behaviour, and psychology, many species continue to be misrepresented, misidentified, and generally misunderstood across the board. To add to this confusion, they are sometimes arbitrarily compared to or vernacularly named after species of felines, canines, rodents, and other unrelated animals, rather than being viewed as their own elaborate yet independent family.

It is not unreasonable to assume that even among some mustelid fans, those who never or rarely interact with people who detest or fear them would be aware of how great seemingly harmless misinformation can negatively affect public opinion of some species. Genuine mustelids are far more diverse and complex than the rumours, urban legends, and memes that often precede them. We aspire to lessen common misunderstandings by providing facts about their true nature, appearance, and overlooked merits. Focusing on these essentials, we hope all our viewers leave having learnt something new about these animals. [Read more about our project…]

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