Here you will discover a variety of content regarding one of the most diverse mammalian families on the planet—the family Mustelidae. Genuine Mustelids is a website for people who love seeing mustelids in visual media, but still value an adequate degree of attention to detail when it comes to their anatomy, including education about the family. We provide brief information about each living species, links to a large list of media, as well as honourable rescue and conservation organizations. In essence, we are a miniature online encyclopedia combining both science and popular culture to help promote a more insightful image of mustelids.

Promoting “uncharismatic minifauna”

When it comes to various types of media, mustelids are often demonized and overlooked in favour of more appealing species. Mustelids are feisty, resourceful and fascinatingly complex creatures, and it’s a shame we often fixate on their predation habits, odour, or fur value, than bringing attention to their lesser-known traits and struggles. Popularity doesn’t necessarily mean better, and one of our many goals is to help bring attention to these underrated animals, and show they can be just as capable and captivating as the more familiar mammals in the order Carnivora.

Debunking myths, while encouraging a broader perspective

Due to outdated beliefs surrounding their elusive nature, media sensationalism and their caricatured features in classic media, mustelids tend to be both irregularly depicted and generally misunderstood across the board. To add to this confusion, they are often arbitrarily compared to felids, canids, rodents, and other unrelated animals, rather than being viewed as their own elaborate, yet independent family.

Genuine mustelids are far more diverse and complex than the legends that surround them, and we hope to lessen common misunderstandings by providing facts about their true nature, appearance, and overlooked merits. Additionally, we want to help emphasize that despite shared common names and some mustelids seeming similar in appearance, that doesn’t always mean they’re the same species, or even closely related. Focusing on these essentials, we hope all our viewers leave having learnt something new about these misunderstood animals. [Read more about our project…]

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