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Regarding all material in Mustelids in Media

Genuine Mustelids is an independent personal website and a free service, and the media we have included in Mustelids in Media were added based on what we believe best suits the nature of our website. For this reason, we will not give in to peremptory requests to add certain characters, games, films, or any other media. We are not obligated to cater to any individual’s personal interests or tastes. If there is something not listed in this section that someone strongly feels should be, we may later add it or we may not. Until then, most desired content we lack can be found on Wiki sites.

Regarding all scientific material

We at Genuine Mustelids are not an authority or animal rights organisation, and no one among us is an expert on mustelids scientifically. Most of the information we provide comes from peer-reviewed journals or other sources we believe are credible that are easily accessible to most internet users. However, reliable sources are not infallible. Since we rely on these sources we cannot necessarily guarantee the accuracy of their claims. Information is also subject to change as taxonomy, conservation, and other details evolve or emerge.

Our “Family of Mustelids” pages

Due to there being so much confusion over what mustelids are, it is extremely difficult to explain their essence without making matters more complicated. We would prefer to be more scientifically accurate by categorising mustelids by subfamily, but few readers would know what those subfamilies are, or which species are among them. To try to make things less complicated, if two or more species share a well-known common name, they will be placed within the same page. However, on occasion there will be exceptions due to genetic similarities.

Unverified information

Sometimes we provide information that cannot be cited, simply because few researchers are interested in the subject. This is frequently the case when on the topic of popular myths, superstitions, and rumours. For example, if someone were to make the assertion that badgers can fly, we would have a difficult time finding sources stating that they cannot, since few scientists would bother doing a write-up to debunk such an absurd claim. Although we will always try to provide compelling arguments against misconceptions about mustelids, whenever an unsubstantiated or sensational claim is made, the burden of proof lies with the maker of the claim.

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