About Us

Genuine Mustelids is a mustelid resource created by a small collaboration of artists, taxidermists, wildlife enthusiasts, animal caretakers, and appreciators of animals in animation and literature from across the globe. We have contributing team members in the United States, United Kingdom, France, the Netherlands, Norway, Germany, Australia, and New Zealand. Although we assembled over a wide range of interests, one thing we all share in common is our passion for mustelids.

Our overall goal is to deconstruct and explain conventional, sometimes incorrect assumptions about members of the family Mustelidae and inspire others to not only think outside the box, but help create a new box, to promote a more accurate and insightful image of these animals. All team members are volunteers and work to provide content for this website when able. To be clear, no one among us is an “expert” on mustelids scientifically. Most of our knowledge comes from peer-reviewed journals or other credible sources that are easily accessible to most internet users.

We at Genuine Mustelids are not an authority or animal rights organisation, and will not attempt to force our views or personally attack an individual’s character over mustelid portrayal or subjective allegations of treatment. We may often be plain-spoken, but we do not expect everyone to see mustelids the way we do, and fully support our readers to make their own judgments based on the information we provide. Outside our members’ personal morals and goals, this website exists publicly as a guide for those who appreciate learning about this lesser-known family.

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