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Depictions of mustelids in animation can be a controversial subject. Some will claim characters that are intentionally (or unintentionally due to lack of research) given incorrect features are expressions of artistic liberty, while others argue completely redesigning a real-life species’ anatomy and still claiming it to be that same species, is both misleading and promotes false presumptions; especially for animals already struggling with public misconceptions. We at Genuine Mustelids respectfully share the views of the latter, and since the purpose of this website is to promote accurate depictions, we are limiting this list to mustelid characters we feel are reasonably well-depicted in animation.

In our opinion “reasonably well-depicted” mustelid characters are those that at least share some fundamental features of their real-life counterparts—a reasonably accurate body, tail and facial structure; as well as ears by size and shape. There’s no need for these characters to be 100% accurate, just fair enough to be recognizable. Whether anthropomorphic or feral, these are the details we take into consideration. We do not consider accurate fur colouration to be necessary to achieve a fair depiction for a generic species. The characters below are listed regardless of the significance of their role.

Character by Species


Badger (American badger) from the Nelvana animated television series Franklin.

Clive Badger, Esq (European badger) from the 20th Century Fox stop-motion animated film Fantastic Mr. Fox.

Mr. Badger (European badger) from the 1995 HIT Entertainment Ltd. animated film, The Wind in the Willows.

Tough-o (honey badger) from the Kratt Brothers Company animated television series Wild Kratts. (S1E10 – Honey Seekers)

Ferrets & Polecats

Andalucia (ferretfrom the Rising Force and Earth Star Entertainment anime television series Ani Tore! EX.

Bandito (black-footed ferretfrom the Kratt Brothers Company animated television series Wild Kratts. (S3E3 – Bandito: The Black Footed Ferret)

Ferry (ferretfrom the Sunrise anime television series Aikatsu! 2.

Fretje (ferret) from Trippel Trappel Dierensinterklaas by il Luster Productions.

Hervé Le Furet and François (ferretsare the mascots for a French insurance comparator site.

Mr. Horace (ferret or species of polecat) from Cartoon Network Studios’ My Gym Partner’s a Monkey.

Names unknown (ferretsfrom Lauren Faust’s animated fantasy television series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

Scorch (ferret, but would be more fitting as an American mink) from Disney Television Animation/Jumbo Pictures’ 101 Dalmatians: The Series.

Shackelford (ferret) from Clifford’s Really Big Movie by Scholastic Entertainment and Big Red Dog Productions.


Kesha (Russian: соболя Кеши) (sable) from the animated cartoon Старые знакомые.

Name unknown (unspecified species of marten) from the Pierrot anime adaptation of Selma Lagerlöf’s’ The Wonderful Adventures of Nils.

Names unknown (American martens) from the Kratt Brothers Company animated television series Wild Kratts. (S4E11 – The Other Martins)

Names unknown (Nilgiri martens or yellow-throated martens) from the Parovoz animated series Leo & Tig.

Pantalaimon (European pine marten form) From the New Line Cinema, BBC One and HBO TV series Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials.

Tatyana Tushenko (sable) from the Warner Bros. animated film Animalympics.


Bertha (unspecified species of otter) from the Entertainment Studios computer-animated film Arctic Dogs.

Dean Wilson (unspecified species of otterfrom the Warner Bros. animated television film Animalympics.

Kalulus de Yutari Honyalala (unspecified species of otter) from the Anipani Co. Ltd anime television series Cute High Earth Defense Club Love!

Marlene (Asian small-clawed otter) from Dreamworks’ computer-animated television series The Penguins of Madagascar.

Ollie (unspecified species of otter) from the CritterPix Studios animated short Ollie & the Baked Halibut.

Otter (North American river otterfrom the Nelvana animated television series Franklin.

The Otter Family (unspecified species of otters) from the Walt Disney/Jumbo Pictures animated television series PB&J Otter.

The Otters (sea ottersfrom the Disney/Pixar animated film Finding Dory.

The Otterton Family (North American river otters) from the Disney 3D computer-animated film Zootopia.

Ottoline (unspecified species of otter) from the Nelvana animated television series Rupert Bear.

Sal (unspecified species of otter) from the Entertainment Studios computer-animated film Arctic Dogs.

Slider (North American river otterfrom the Kratt Brothers Company animated television series Wild Kratts. (S3E13 – Slider, the Otter)

Uso-kun (うそくん) (unspecified species of otter) from the A-1 Pictures anime television series Vividred Operation.


Buckminster (unspecified species of weasel) from 20th Century Fox’s Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, Ice Age: Continental Drift, and Ice Age: Collision Course.

Bun (unspecified species of weasel) from Toei Animation’s anime series Hustle Punch (ハッスルパンチ, Hassuru Panchi).

Hurra (unspecified species of weasel) from Studio Miniatur Filmowych and Filmograf’s comedy/educational animated series Hip-Hip and Hurrah (Polish – Hip-Hip i Hurra).

Iwashi (Japanese weasel) from the Hakumei and Mikochi television series by Lerche.

Kamatari (unspecified species of weasel) from the Pierrot television series Naruto. (Episode #125)

Kojo (stoatfrom the Japanese anime television series Kuromukuro.

Luta (long-tailed weasel) from the Russian 3D computer-animated film The Snow Queen by Wizart Animation.

Okojo-san (stoat) from the Japanese manga series Okojo-san by Ayumi Uno.

Name unknown (unspecified species of weasel) from the Warner Bros./Merrie Melodies cartoon Flop Goes the Weasel.

Name unknown (stoat) from the Nickelodeon Animation Studio animated series The Wild Thornberrys. (S2E15 – Show Me the Bunny)

Name unknown (stoat) from Kachidoki Studio’s anime Okojo to Yamane (オコジョとヤマネ).

Norwell (unspecified species of weasel) from Jason Steele’s animated comedy Charlie the Unicorn: The Grand Finale.

Pantalaimon (stoat form) From the New Line Cinema, BBC One and HBO TV series Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials.

Piccolo (stoatfrom the Nippon Animation Japanese anime series Romeo’s Blue Skies.

Rommel (stoat) from the Sunrise television series Gundam Build Divers.

Weasel, Measley, Fido and Cleo (least weaselsFrom the Farthing Wood television series by Telemagination.

Wooster Q. Weasel, alias T.C. ‘The Creeper’ (long-tailed weasel) from the Animalia Productions television series Animalia.


Name unknown (wolverinefrom the Yakari television series. (EP14 – Revenge of the Wolverine)

Name unknown (wolverine) from the Yakari television series. (EP114 – A Wolverine in Need)

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