Visual Arts

A list of groups dedicated to mustelid art and photography.

Anthro-Mustelids on DeviantArt

“This group is focused on the antropomorphism of mustelids: animals part of the taxonomic group ‘Mustelidae’ which includes weasels, stoats, ferrets, polecats, martens, fishers, tayras, otters, minks, wolverines, and badgers.

These unique creatures are often overlooked or misunderstood and this group’s purpose is to help bring together people who are intrigued by these animals and have a passion in anthropomorphism. Anthro mustelids aren’t very common, so maybe this group will change that. Who knows!” – Description from group.

The Daily Otter

The Daily Otter is a website with an RSS feed that is updated on a daily basis and each post is usually one or sometimes more otter photos, but there are also occasionally embedded YouTube videos about otters. The otters can be of any species but the more well known, such as sea otters, North American river otters and Asian small clawed otters, tend to be the most common.

fuzzy-freaks-club on DeviantArt

“FFC is the first place on DA dedicated to ferrets and ferret-like animals: weasels, badgers, otters. In short: Mustelids! But if you love skunks (Mephitidae) or/and have one home, it’s just as well!” – Description from group.

Mustelidaee on DeviantArt

Another large art collection of mustelids.

Mustelids of the World on Flickr

A large collection of mustelid photos and videos.

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