Visual Arts

A list of groups and communities for mustelid art and photography.

The Daily Otter

The Daily Otter is a website with an RSS feed that is updated on a daily basis and each post is usually one or sometimes more otter photos, but there are also occasionally embedded YouTube videos about otters. The otters can be of any species, but the more well known (such as the sea otter, North American river otter, and Asian small clawed otter) tend to be the most common.

fuzzy-freaks-club on DeviantArt

“FFC is the first place on DA dedicated to ferrets and ferret-like animals: weasels, badgers, otters. In short: Mustelids! But if you love skunks (Mephitidae) or/and have one home, it’s just as well!” – Description from group.

Mustelidaee on DeviantArt

A large collection of mustelid art, literature, photos, taxidermy, and other crafts.

Mustelids Are the Best Antidepressants on Facebook

A group for sharing facts, photos, and art about the family.

Mustelids of the World on Flickr

A large collection of mustelid photos and videos.

Twitter (Rebranded to simply X)

Although Twitter is not a dedicated art hosting service, many talented people have been migrating from traditional art sites to Twitter to share their work. It is not the best place to search for mustelid art and photography—media typically has a shelf life of about a week before it falls into an uncategorised void of tweets, and if you are not keen on scrolling for minutes on end for earlier content, it can be a pain find exactly what you are looking for. There are also a lot of nonsensical myths and rumours about mustelids on Twitter. Despite these issues, it can be worth checking out if you know how to work around the drawbacks.

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