Observance Days for Mustelids

The dates below are observed to both celebrate and raise awareness about the welfare, care, or protection of certain mustelid species and subfamilies.

• 10th March | MarTen (or International Marten) Day | Observes all species of marten. This observance day is mostly recognised on social media and online art communities.(1)(2)

• 31st March | European Mink Day | Observes the European mink.(3)

• 2nd April (United States), 5th May (UK) | National Ferret Day | Observes the ferret.(4)(5)

• Last Wednesday of May | World Otter Day | Observes all species of otter.(6)

• 26th September | Black-Footed Ferret Day | Observes the North American polecat (a.k.a. black-footed ferret).(7) This observance day may not be recognised by all conservation groups for the species.

• Last week of September | Sea Otter Awareness Week | Observes the sea otter.(8)

• 6th October | National Badger Day | Observes the British European badger specifically.(9)


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