Tayra (Eira barbara)

Photo by Marie Hale

The tayra is another species of mustelid you’ll seldom hear about, let alone see appear in media. Tayras are found in a variety of forest types – using both ground and tree habitats. They are genetically close to the Martes genus, and are adapted for an arboreal lifestyle just like true martens. 

An omnivore, and not a picky eater, the tayra is fond of juicy fruit, but is also an effective hunter; killing prey up to the size of a small antelope. The tayra also has the longest limbs in relation to its body of the mustelids. In colouration, tayras are usually dark brown with a pale head. An almost white phase may occur, although it’s very rare.

Size: 56 to 71 cm (22 to 28 in) in length.
Weight: 2.7 to 7.0 kg (6.0 to 15.4 lb).
Range: From the northern half of South America to southern Mexico.
Conservation Status: Least Concern

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