News and Updates


Gobbly was added to Mustelids in Animation under Polecats.

Fluffy and Scratcher were added to Mustelids in Animation under Weasels.

Mustelid Madness was added to Rescue, Conservation, and Education under Concerns Multiple Mustelids.


The following were added to Children’s Literature:

Boris Badger: Boris learns a lesson under Badgers.

Peter Marten & Friends: Stories from the Newfoundland and Labrador Forest under Martens.

Monica Mink under Minks.


The following were added to Children’s Literature:

Beasel the Weasel: A Very Happy Weasel under Weasels.

Fantastic Mr Fox under Contains Multiple Mustelids.


The following were added to Children’s Literature under Weasels:

Little Grey Rabbit: Rabbit and the Weasels

Two for Me, One for You


Max was added to Mustelids in Animation under Badgers.

The Secret Life of the Pine Marten was added to Documentaries under Martens.


If You Take Away the Otter was added to Children’s Literature under Otters.