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Considering that most people first learnt about mustelids or are more familiar with them through media, we feel this section of our site is just as important as any scientific discussion.

With all the myths and misconceptions about mustelids in media, it can sometimes be difficult to distinguish fiction from reality. Despite the complexity of these animals, in Western media their roles are often typecast. Otters are usually portrayed as friendly and playful, badgers short-tempered and/or wise, while all other mustelid species tend to play the antagonist. In the Eastern world and certain regions of Europe, mustelids tend to be given more diverse personalities and roles. When it comes to their appearance, we find big productions commonly give mustelids canid or rodent features, while lesser-known companies will often attempt to capture them with more accuracy. Documentaries can help clear up some misconceptions, but they can be counterproductive when filmmakers give in to sensationalism.


It is unfortunate that this must be indicated, but Genuine Mustelids is a personal website and a free service, and the media we include in this section was added based on what we believe best suits the nature of our website. That said, we will not give in to peremptory requests to add certain characters, games, films, or any other media. We are not obligated to cater to anyone’s personal interests or passions. If there is something not listed in this section that someone strongly feels should be, we may later add it or we may not. Until then, there are plenty of Wiki sites out there that likely already include any desired content we lack.

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